• 26-27 October 2022
  • Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Waste and Recycling initiatives


1 hour and 30 minutes


A comprehensive look at waste reduction and recycling initiatives currently being implemented. From current initiatives to the long-term strategy, hear from experts within waste management and recycling on innovative approaches taken.



Justin Jones
Founder and Principal
JustWaste Consulting

With waste industry experience spanning over 15 years, starting in collection and transport within a family business, across front lift, liquid, hazardous, domestic.

Now as the Founder and Principle of JustWaste Consulting, I work  with clients across landfill management and compliance, organic process management and product compliance, waste auditing (landfills, commercial and domestic), regional waste group annual planning and implementation of projects.


Suzanne Toumbourou
Australian Council of Recycling (ACOR)

Suzanne Toumbourou is the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Council of Recycling (ACOR).

Suzanne is an organisation leader with deep experience in public affairs, executive management, stakeholder relations, governance strategy of not-for-profits, with a strong reputation as a sustainability subject matter expert.

Prior to ACOR, Suzanne was the longstanding Executive Director of the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council, where she delivered impactful policy outcomes for building sustainability, including advancing the energy performance provisions in Australia’s Building Code and informing the priorities of the COAG Energy Council’s Trajectory for Low Energy Buildings.

​Suzanne has broad experience encompassing Federal and State Governments, industry and non-profit organisations. She is passionate about leading positive change for people, industry and the environment. 

Mike Twemlow
Sustainability Consultant
Edge Environment

I work primarily in the circular economy advisory sector, with a focus on resource recovery, procurement, and carbon reduction through reducing organics to landfill. With a background in climate science, I have also worked in climate action, assisting in the delivery of climate change risk assessments. This work has allowed me to diversify across a range of sectors and solidify my foundations of sustainable development and management, working with small-medium sized businesses, multinational enterprises and government policy. I have contributed to a range of circular economy projects, resource recovery advisory and climate change risk analysis. In these projects, much of my time has been focused on delivering behavioural change in the organisations I work with to educate and inspire change in employees. My position has inspired me to deliver meaningful and high-level sustainability work. My additional passion surrounding the intricacies of global climate science has led to an in-depth knowledge into extensive climate databases, report writing and iterative analysis’ on Australia and the worlds changing climate. My favourite projects are those that require engagement across an entire team to ensure that change happens systematically, with measurable and tangible environmental and social benefits from the outset. I have largely worked in food waste avoidance and recycling initiatives which has outlined the impact that individuals and businesses can have by making small changes that lead to substantial environmental outcomes.

Raymond Trevorah 
Waste Management Coordinator
Bathurst Regional Council

Dr Raymond Trevorah is an environmental engineer with 8 years’ experience  in the field of resource recovery  with a strong passion for research.

He has published several peer reviewed research papers and completed his PhD in the field of waste management and resource recovery.

Ray has detailed experience in a wide range of waste and resource recovery projects from an academic, industrial and local government prospective and looks to combine the knowledge of these sectors to drive strong evidence based outcomes for resource recovery.  

Binita Shrestha
Waste Technical Officer
City of Port Phillip

Binita Shrestha is the waste technical & education officer at the City of Port Phillip where she leads technical consulting, engagement, communication and project delivery for Council's waste team. With a Master's degree in social science, and a Master’s degree in sociology, and a background in project and people management, Binita holds a strong focus on delivering sustainable solutions across the waste, recycling & resource recovery industries. 

In 2020, Binita led the award-winning Glass Recycling Trial, which introduced the kerbside and communal glass recycling service across the municipality. 

Peter Brisbane
Government Partnership Manager
Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO)

Peter Brisbane joined the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation in June 2018. His role as Government Partnership Manager is to work towards alignment and shared understanding between industry and the three tiers of government on how to address the environmental impacts of packaging and the broader work regarding the implementation of a circular economy in Australia.

Before joining APCO, Peter was Director of Product Stewardship and Waste for the Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Energy, where his responsibilities included managing product stewardship schemes such as the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, the Product Stewardship for Oil Program and the voluntary phase-out of plastic microbeads. In previous roles he was part of the Australian Government’s delegation to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, led the development of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act and delivered policy and programs in the Australian Government’s human services and agriculture portfolios.

James Roscoe
Manager Waste and Recycling Services
City of Melbourne

James joined the City of Melbourne in April 2019. His role as Manager Waste and Recycling Services is accountable for delivering residential and commercial waste and recycling services, developing and administering the planning strategy for waste systems in new developments and managing the statutory framework for waste related issues throughout the city. 

Before joining the City of Melbourne, James held leadership positions at other Victorian Councils in the waste and resources recovery, and public and environmental health sectors. 

Gwen Harper
Senior Waste and Environmental Consultant
JustWaste Consulting

Gwen Harper is a Senior Waste and Environmental Consultant who recently project-managed the rollout of a compulsory FOGO bin (20k properties, 46k residents) that won a Local Government Award for Environmental Leadership and Sustainability.  With a background in marketing research and a 20+ year career in advertising and marketing, Gwen has a strategic focus and specialises in creating behaviour-change projects that deliver client needs and meet waste management outcomes.  As the recycling coordinator for a Texas school district (74 schools, 67k students) she ran an award-winning paper recycling grant; co-mingled recycling and canteen waste reduction programs; plus has written and delivered school programs and adult training workshops that helped audiences develop an understanding and commitment to better waste management.  Gwen is also a self-confessed data-nerd and has audited and reported on waste streams from municipal, C&I and multiple waste disposal sites all across Tasmania, Victoria and New South

Jennifer Bryant,
Team Leader Waste and Recycling
Hobsons Bay City Council

Jennifer started her career as a critical care and community nurse, working in Australia and Ireland. She completed her Masters in Environment and Sustainability in 2012. Since then, she has worked in the waste and resource recovery sector in project, education and event management in not-for-profit, local and State Government settings. Her work highlights include hosting the Governor General at the 2017 National Tidy Towns awards and contributing to the publication and delivery of NSW EPA’s Illegal Dumping Strategy.

Since returning to Melbourne in 2019, she has worked in local government first at Hume City Council and then at the City of Port Phillip, where she worked on finding solutions for organic waste in multi-unit developments and delivering a responsive campaign to address spikes in contamination in kerbside recycling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She has recently commenced in the role of Team Leader Waste and Recycling at Hobsons Bay City Council, the first Melbourne council to adopt a four-stream waste service.

Jennifer enjoys helping communities meet the challenges of managing their waste in high-density urban environments.