COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines

Trade exhibitions, such as Waste Expo Australia, are well ordered market places and are delivered in a controlled environment; as such, venues, organisers, exhibitors and attendees are able to take necessary steps that will minimise health risks from COVID-19 and ensure you are able to do business in a safe environment. 

With that in mind, Reed Exhibitions, organisers of Waste Expo Australia, have developed a set of enhanced health and safety protocols. This plan was developed based on the event risk assessment and the standard operating procedures and ongoing updates and developments with venues and safe work guidelines. Our goal is to improve upon these standards where it is necessary and appropriate to do so to support the health and safety of all those who attend our events, in whatever capacity.

Actions we are taking:

  • PHYSICAL DISTANCING: Physical distancing measures and controlled crowd occupancy will be measured; Wider aisle ways will be in place where possible; Dedicated entry exit points; Ensure catering outlets follow all protocols for safe food practices 
  • CLEANING & HYGIENE COUNTERMEASURES: Hand sanitation stations will be present throughout the event; An increase in cleaning all frequently touched areas and toilets will be in place; Pre and post show enhanced cleaning will be completed
  • PROTECT & DETECT: No-contact registration; System will support the tracing requirements of all participants.
  • COMMUNICATION: On going updates will be shared as state governments update protocols; Ensure confidence with clear safety protocol as they develop

Our health and safety protocols are subject to change in accordance with Australian Government regulations.

For any enquiries about participating at our event and our health and safety guidelines, contact us at:

Tel: +61 (2) 9422 2955